Phone Spy Software

Now for the fun part – exploring all of the different features available from the different spy programs. They all cover the same standard features such as call logs and text messages – but then they have different advanced features and controls.

What type of phone or device do you need to monitor?

​The most important issue is if the target device is compatible with the spy program you choose. This depends on the operating system and the version. If you are monitoring an iPhone – can it be Jailbroken, or will you need a No Jailbreak spy version? With Android devices you may need to Root for some features to work. I go into details on the main reviews and in my main guide.

​What do you really need to monitor – the features?

​Do you really need call recording features or be able to read SnapChat activity? Only pay for the features you need – quite often the Basic versions have more than enough information for most people and cost a lot less.

Spying on Android

​Android is probably the easiest operating system for the spy apps to work well on. The only consideration is whether or not you Root the device. Rooting is NOT absolutely necessary but a few features do require it: Recording features, screenshots and social messenger apps (WhatsApp, SnapChat, Viber, Instagram and Facebook etc). All four work very well on Android and it really does come down to your monitoring requirements and budget. For Advanced features I would go for mSpy – for a budget option … XNSpy.

​Spying on Apple iPhone

​Spying on Apple phones and devices is always a little more complicated – I have a detailed guide here worth a read. You first need to determine if the target iPhone can be Jailbroken – up to iOS 9.03 can right now. You can only install the full version software on Jailbroken Apple devices – otherwise you need to use the No Jailbreak versions. Mspy, Mobistealth and Xnspy all have both versions available. Flexispy only have the full version software – but they are your Only option if you want call recording on an iPhone.

Best for Tracking a Cell Phone Location

​All four programs have GPS tracking and it works well – it is a pretty standard report with modern spy apps today. Where they get interesting is with combining the tracking with alerts and notifications – and how easy this is to manage. mSpy have this feature well taken care of – you can view tracking information history or in real time and you can set Geo fencing areas with trigger alerts. Great for tracking your kids movements – get an alert if they enter a restricted area!