Review from a Real User 2018 about our spy RAT

This is a regularly updated, Real review of our RAT – the popular cell phone spy software program. Why should you read this one? Because I have actually tested this software, in fact it is installed on my phone now. Read this and compare it to the other  reviews

Keylogger – now available for both Android and iPhone (iOS)

WhatsApp spy – see everything including images and videos

Snapchat Monitoring

RAT are now the best selling spy software on the market – with a good range of features and competitive pricing backed up by a reliable company – they look set to keep growing. Find out why in the rest of my review…

Compatible Phones and Devices

RAT-Spy works on cell phones as well as Tablets – the important thing to remember is that it must match the OS (operating system) version of the target device.

Android Phones and Tablets – all versions 4 onwards

iPhone and iPad up to iOS 9.1

No Jailbreak versions – all iOs

Although the software will work on all of these types of phone you should check their website for up to date version support plus they have lists of actual phones by make and model. Always check the features available for each type of phone as they are slightly different for each. As well as covering all of the expected monitoring features – text logs, call logs, email, tracking and browser history etc. it also has some useful advanced features to set it apart. Monitor Messenger Services – will monitor all activity on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, iMessage(iPhone only), Telegram, Tinder, Line, Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. You can see messages, chats, pictures and videos shared on these platforms. This program can spy on the largest number of social media and messenger apps – very important given how widely these are used today. These features available for Rooted Android devices and the iPhone/iPad. Now they have added Tinder monitoring to the list. GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing – as with most spy apps you can track a cell phones movements at any time using GPS. The big difference with mySpy is that they offer geo-fencing – you can set alerts that will notify you if the monitored device leaves a set area, or enters a set area. A great tool for keeping tabs on where your kids are at any time. Call Blocking – you can define phone numbers and block incoming calls from them. Website Blocking – block access to pre-defined websites. Another great tool for parents trying to stop children accessing inappropriate content online. Incognito Browser Spy – Now allows you to see browsing history even when the user is using incognito mode. Very useful and much requested service – does not require android devices to be Rooted. App Blocking – you can view all installed apps on the target phone and choose which ones to block. Great tool for managing your kid’s phone and internet use. Keylogger – This is unique to RATSpy. The Keylogger feature can report all things typed on the target cell phone – messages, passwords, login details and emails – extremely powerful feature. Now works on Android and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). Wi-Fi Networks – this will show details of any wi-fi networks accessed by the target phone – public or private. You can also track the device by this method – you will see where the wi-fi hotspots are located. Management Features – they have some useful ways to manage how the reporting is set up. You can set reporting to be sent to the control panel by Wi-Fi only, by any connection or none. This is very useful and avoids any data being sent using the target cell phones data plan. You can also set reporting intervals and GPS intervals. Uninstall Alert – you will get an alert if the app is uninstalled or compromised in some way. Security Features – lock the phone, wipe phone data, sim change notification, start, pause or delete the app – all from the online control panel. These features may not seem very important but are really useful when you are actually using this program. They will make things so much easier. The feature list is long and covers most things anyone would need to effectively spy on a cellphone or mobile device.

RATSpy for iPhone – No Jailbreak Required!

This is a new added service for spying on Apple devices – iPhone and iPad, all versions. Recent releases of Apple’s operating system (iOs) have not been successfully Jailbroken. This basically meant that the full version of m spy could not be installed on new devices. Now using the No Jailbreak version you can monitor an iPhone without having to jailbreak – and even without having access to the target device. With some limitations of course.