Effective method to hack the primary email address of any Facebook user.

When you decide to join a social network you anticipate that it will keep its protection guarantees. But this doesn’t happen in reality. Your email address and other information may not be kept private all the times. They might not be shared but might be hacked.

It is possible to hack the primary email address of *any* Facebook user, regardless of the privacy settings he has opted for. Misusing a shortcoming on the social network can let you do that and it’s never an uphill task. Many Facebook hacking companies are there for this.

One of the Security researchers Called Stephen Sclafani depicted how he discovered the protection gap while sauntering through some old mailing records. One of the messages he ran over contained a Facebook welcome reminder email, apparently sent coincidentally when the user committed the error of taking after Facebook's recommendation to welcome their entire contacts run down to the social network:

What is interesting is the interactive URL at the base of the welcome message.

At the point when Sclafani tapped on the link, he was taken to a Facebook join page already filled in with the mailing rundown address and the name of the individual who utilized the link to agree to a record:

Sclafani investigated the link, and found something interesting in the link :

The link contained two parameters: "re" and "mid":


In the event that you replaced that part of the "mid" parameter with the hex estimation of a different Facebook users' numerical profile ID, you would be demonstrated their primary email address.

Facebook profile IDs aren't secret because you can get them effortlessly by means of locales like Discover My Facebook ID or from Facebook's own particular profile directory.

It's anything but difficult to envision how a database of such email addresses could be manhandled.

Luckily, Stephen Sclafani has a few morals. Also, instead of attempt to make a major sprinkle by distributed points of interest of Facebook's humiliating defect, he uncovered it responsibly to the social network. Sclafani says that Facebook altered the defect inside 24 hours, and rewarded him $3,500 for his endeavours under their Bug Abundance program.

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